Gel para Ducha con Aroma Mary Kay® Berry & Vanilla


Descubre las ¡Nuevas! Sombras para Ojos Mary Kay Chromafusion® en 29 dferentes tonos, y conoce sus diferentes beneficios.

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Convierte tu ducha en un momento especial para ti con el Gel para Ducha con Aroma Mary Kay®.

Los productos no contienen los ingredientes que aquí se ilustran, sino que son demostrativos para efectos de comunicación de los aromas.

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Mary Kay® Shower Gel
Showering in a freshly picked fragrance is just what you need for a daily dose of self-care. As you work the vibrant berry and sweet vanilla scent into a foamy lather, you’ll find that your troubles have been rinsed down the drain. The result is cleansed skin and a relaxed mind.

Give the gift of everyday self-care by adding Mary Kay® Body Lotion (990280281) to make it a bath gift set. Share this daily treat with someone who could use some “me” time.

Formula Attributes
Tested for skin irritancy and allergy